Convergent effects on Media Industries, Audiences and Technologies.

Convergence can be simply defined at the process of coming together or in fact the state of having come together toward common grounds. Convergence has done that with all aspects within media, digitising the technologies, content and industries altering traditional media and its meaning for again completely different audiences.

This is shown in the content available to consumers from all multimedia platforms from YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook just to name some of the big players;The traditional practice of reading the morning newspaper has been therefore moved within a screen. The flow of content across the media industry has increased due to the participation of consumers and advancements of constantly changing technologies, this can be shown in such sites as Reddit whereby the users are the pushing force behind the site’s functionality; it can take anyone to create the world’s next viral and trending phenomenon.

The growth of convergent media has transforms the industry and how consumers seek out and retain new content. It adds intensity and power to typical media practices creating an ongoing ripple effect.


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