Oooo Dangerous Media.

Media is changing the way the world thinks, acts and basically function. As humans we tend to adapt to what we see on the media, whether it is positive or negative and a lot of the time we don’t notice that we are doing it. This places the audience in categories, whereby we are more inclined to be sucked in to these shams.

A touchy topic for many individuals can be identified through the portrayal of body image in the 21st century. Depicted through the media showing the ‘typical’ model which has been altered throughout the ages and now in more contemporary time being compared to ‘plus-sized’ models (so to say) and the debate that is evident between them. These depictions can be seen as a dangerous way to promote body image on both sides of the spectrum and creates friction with peoples opinions and scientific research. What is the ideal body image in today’s world? It cannot be defined as it is constantly being altered by the people (which is ultimately us) and the media who are doing so to spark controversy and make the big bucks. You can’t hit the nail on the head cause it isn’t evident and if you did you offend a large collective of people. Kids are growing up with a fixed thought about how they should look because its shown right after after an episode of Sesame Street.

Pop culture and it’s manipulation is brain washing the audience, identified as the gullible, easy influenced, child-like and it’s working to an extent, it can and is definitely seen as dangerous media eating away at people’s process to think.

Do you think media can be dangerous? If so, in what way(s)?


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