The Medium? Or the Message? That is the question!

Coined by Marshall McLuhan the phrase “The medium is the message” comes off as philosophical lingo but you have to deconstruct the whole phrase for it to make any kind of sense. Since the early dawn of communications the human race has been drawn in to the methods of creating and preserving information.

As we acknowledge mediums, through McLuhan its explores that the medium has more value than meets the eye. This is displayed all through society and media which is advancing rapidly everyday. Mass audiences are being birthed into the media which gives people the power to make changes. In a world whereby these messages can be explored through many extensions of ourselves.

Examples of “The medium is the message” are evident all throughout society today. Television has been altered due to rise of social media, consumers could send letters to programs such as newscasts and get a reply days or weeks later. Modern ways of connecting with the audience have been established, using ‘Twitter’ as a tool creating ‘talk-back’ on live television with trending topics, The ABC does this regarding politics whereby a QnA segment uses hashtags to reach out to selected audiences therefore giving the public a voice. As a new user of Twitter I can see many benefits as it connects people from all over the world with common grounds, getting straight to the point. With this rising medium, the advancements in TV programming in this case, emphasised by Mark Federman; an anticipated consequence.

McLuhan tells us that a “message” is, “the change of scale or pace or pattern” that a new invention or innovation “introduces into human affairs.” (McLuhan 8). This is one of the many ways McLuhan’s theory is demonstrated.

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