“Does anyone know a good site to buy music?”

Today, where the Internet can provide quick access to any form of information and media, you could be breaching copyright policies without even knowing making YOU a cold blooded criminal. This is done by the distribution and unauthorised copying of content known as ‘PIRACY’. Downloading copyrighted movies, e-books, music and software breaches this. But everyone is on the piracy bandwagon so it won’t hurt right? Piracy is deteriorating media industries, I will focus on it’s effects within the music world.

1 or 2 files? We must look at music piracy’s entirety, accumulating to a devastating total of illegal activity breaking the industry. First time offenders of music piracy could face 5 years jail time and $250,000 worth of fines, The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) emphasise the effects of piracy as they deal with the big labels including overall recording and distribution of 85% nationwide. The study by the Institutes of Policy Innovation sticks the annual harm being 12.5 billion dollars in losses through the U.S economy also the termination of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of lost wages.

Artist Taylor Swift has taken action against piracy and those promoting sharing of unauthorised copyrighted music. The artist withdrew all of her content from music steaming platforms such as ‘Grooveshark’, MOG but mainly ‘Spotify’, making her music available on legal grounds through websites like YouTube and actual purchase of her product. The RIAA states that music streaming has increased 28% in the first half of 2014 and has drastically affected Swift as her audience listens to 42% of her music using on demand applications.

I feel as if exposure is given to artists if the music is good, though it’s their job and they should be paid properly.

Your thoughts on piracy? What are your related practices as a user of digital media?

Are you a pirate?


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