one-does-not-simply-a - One does not simply root an apple iphone(Linked^)

I have created this meme outlining the battle between Apple and Android; identifying ‘Locked Appliances’ and ‘Generative Platforms’. Locked Appliances are those that are restricted and firmly controlled by the manufacturer, they are tethered to a closed ecosystem whereby the device, content and users are limited. Generative Platforms are in no way on this bandwagon, and has no central control. The manufacturer has no governing control over the device and content the users desire.

A locked platform; Apple continues to warn that hacking an iPhone and installing unauthorised software, although not illegal, Apple frowns upon and acts upon those who do. “When you buy an iPhone…Package deal that includes software, hardware, and a wireless contract”.

Rooting an Android device is apart of it’s fundamental use, consumers are in full control of the software, content and applications with limitations whatsoever.

What is the use of restricting platforms in an evolving technological world? Does this affect convergence?



2 thoughts on “Approid?

  1. I like how this post compares the difference between Apple and Android and the limits they behold. Where one allows the user to hold the control and the other instead empowers the company. I would like to here your own opinion on the topic, maybe next time you could include a personal statement.


  2. Hey Sonny, I love the meme that you have created. It’s creative and clearly represents the arguments posed in the debate between lock appliances and generative platforms. I really enjoyed your expression and use of examples of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, maybe you could have explored your own media platform in this discussion? Keep up the great work!


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