Remix Culture is ‘White and Nerdy’

We’ve all heard that song where a rapper yells “REMIX” in the background, and that is just one tiny aspect of Remix Culture; allowing and encouraging derivative works within music, film, etc, by combining or editing existing content producing a new product.

Though where did these products rise from? Remixes today are developed off one main foundation whereby it is then altered remaking and continuing the storyMass audiences are taken into a realm of possibilities and imagination therefore continuing this remix domino effect.

Though does this violate copyright? Weird Al Yankovic uses already establish work within in creations in music parody, though and majority of the time does not need permission from the original composers. Reason being that Weird Al’s work is protected by the U.S laws of ‘Free Speech’ and ‘Fair Use’ expressed here.

Remixes in today’s media seem to have the right precautions whereby they are protected from copyright infringement, we as a generative audience desire to recreate and manufacture meaning but do not always have the right to remix and produce off a centered idea.

This read and re-write cultured has well and truly incorporated McLuhan’s theory of “The Medium Is The Message” giving us the power to extend from a spoon-feeding and locked technological world. We are able to creatively voice our thoughts therefore creating not only an extension of our very selves but the original works built upon.

Stay Sweet!


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