shack 2


cage 3

lily 3


My work has been driven by the way in which dreams capture the notion of the ‘Uncanny’ and the power that they have on an individual that are influenced by outside factors. We therefore have no authority in forming preconceived thoughts, series and sensations while asleep and I was aiming to capture the obscurity in the ways we try and maintain this. The utalisation of the dream catcher signifies the interceptions of bad dreams and the harmonic channeling  of the good whereby both are compelling in this case and require a external force to preserve and/or ward-off. For Freud the source of the uncanny is tied to the idea of being robbed of one’s eyes, and I feel that this links with that of being in the state of unaware consciousness in which this illusion of dreams deprive us from fully recognizing reality from fantasy. Tweaking the settings such as aperture and shutter speed and using Photoshop only for the black & white feature I was able to hopefully capture the raw eeriness and spectral elements in which the ‘Uncanny’ is the foundation.


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