TransMedia Is ‘Marvel’lous

Marvel has been in the Trans-Media game for quite some time and is one of the contenders most valuable player. The content whereby spreads through a number of platforms maximizes the amount of consumers intriguing them into an immense fictional world. I have refected this in my Prezi presentation exploring what Trans-Media is and how Marvel explores this notion.

McLuhan’s term ‘The Medium Is The Message’ is greatly emphasized through this practice enhancing the engagement of audiences on many different level increasing an understanding of the text. Maintaining, interest, dialogue and stimulus.




One thought on “TransMedia Is ‘Marvel’lous

  1. Brilliant example of transmedia. The Marvel universe is one piece of content that has undergone almost endless remediation. Maybe you could have looked into the two facets of remediation (Immediacy and Hypermediacy). You have really captivated how the Marvel Universe appeals to a divergent audience through your prezi powerpoint. I found it fascinating how the Marvel Universe began as comics and now have expanded into films, artworks, and fanfiction. However, should these Marvel movies just stick to canon? Great prezi that clearly explains transmedia in relation to the MU, awesome work!


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