Cine-Roman Project; Deathstinction

Firstly my Cine-Roman presentation plays off the William Gibson’s tweet “The death of any number of individuals is life’s business as usual, going forward. Extinction is never again.”


Extinction intuitively conjures up images of cute furry animals disappearing and their habitats shrinking. This tweet explores how the inevitable plays hand in hand with the familiar. This notion of extinction has great application in a variety of aspects that we as humans deal with. It can been seen that death is a part of life and extinction is the end of birth, and humanity can be seen playing God through these concepts. Elizebeth Kolbert took up the theme of the sixth mass extinction and put the topic high on the public agenda.

Ultimately she argues that extinction is the negation of both life and death, I’ve adapted this to the way humans attempt to slow down or fasten the processes that in some instances should not be controlled. I included factors such as religion, science and media to create empathy for the audience whereby our daily routines and actions are apart of this huge course of life, death and extinction.

My exploration through Adobe Premier has resulted in the emphasis on the external factors of death and extinction, our own doings in the world and how these are intricately linked together. Death will always bring sorrow but extinction is something else entirely, we may think it’s the worlds betrayal against creation, however it may be our treason with the universe.


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