Get Some Curiosity India!!

Curiosity can be defined as the strong desire to know or learn something.

The process in which leads to inquiring further about a subject when wanting or even not wanting to know the answer.

We as humans are developed to withhold natural tendencies or an evolutionary impulse that is embedded into who we are. As I ponder about my own personal characteristics and especially those of children, I believe that ‘Curiosity’ plays huge role in the way we experience or not experience the world around us.

My encounter with curiosity unfolded on foreign soil, where I spent two months abroad in the beautiful and magical land that is, India.

Stepping out into the streets on our first day in Kolkata; the humidity, smell, sound and sight of the busy city hit us. We eagerly set foot with nothing planned out, only where our feet would take us. Receiving shifty eyes from every pedestrian we crossed, I felt an exciting sense of the unknown within the dense nation.

We were soon met by two seemingly friendly men in which we all began to walk and talk. We talked and relentlessly threw questions at one another. They mentioned their ownership of a fabric shop (which was literally a hole in a wall) where we scored an invite to take a look at. As the words of my parents played through my ear and out the other “Don’t trust anyone, no matter how kind they are”, my morbid curiosity led me to happily accept their invitation. We jumped in their car and there began our personal tour and “what not to do on your first day in Kolkata” experience.

“Our curious mind is constantly looking for answers and the more we look, the more we realise, how amazing the world around us really is.” (Freedman, 2014)

The world is great, and without our interest to discover and meander through it, it will go to waste. It gives us the opportunity to search, investigate and challenge, though it might be intrusive, what meddles with our minds and leaves us wanting more.

Stay curious kids,



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