My Media Riot!

Today social media and other communication technologies can be seen to embrace a universal essence that is a part of our society and culture (Hands, 2010). The ‘media space’ where you can find me pulling up a chair in, allows one to take advantage of links, whether it be to people, ideologies and industries. Functioning in a way which enhances the ability to become involved instantaneously to issues that affect, concern and interest me.

A media space can be defined as an intangible setting to which people, like you and I, can enter with ease to… well… do anything we really please. In other words, nowadays, the little screen we’re usually fixated on where user-generated content is abundant.


The media space has affected my interest and passions which I found within music. Whether it be in terms of news within the music industry, coverage of live music or events, I can almost find it all with the click of a button. This has brought up an example of media space which has affected myself as a musician.

Based in Moscow, ‘Pussy Riot’ is a feminist punk rock protest group. They stage guerrilla-like performances in peculiar locations, sharing with the online world simultaneously.  The band used the media space to break through barriers fighting for LGBT rights in their nation and ultimately worldwide. They generated music, videos and acted as a voice for the voiceless which I found inspiring. Acting as a catalyst for freedom of sexuality and independent artists in the music industry, their actions were vital in many peoples lives.

I have discovered new forms of music and have been lucky enough to be a part of gigs and collectives that through an online presence were only possible.  The ways in which I relate to the media space has allowed for a more gratifying way of self-expression, myself to become connected with those like-minded in a non-physical environment and increased awareness of what is happening in my surroundings and to the things I deem to be important.

Stay Sweet!

– Sonny



  • Hands, J 2010, ‘@ Is for Activism : Dissent, Resistance and Rebellion in a Digital Culture‘, Pluto Press, London



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