Did you get my Morssage?


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The speed in which information could be delivered and received was revolutionized by the invention of the early electric telegraph. Before it’s creation, transmission of information was reliant on physical transportation methods. Depending on the distance, delivery time lengths would vary accordingly. When the first commercial telegraph was sent in 1837, people’s diverse ways of thinking and the advancements of technology were applied to evolving the game-changing device.

The Morse code was created using the letters of the alphabet and ten numerals, which were represented by long and short pulses. Each character, including letters, numerals, and punctuation was represented by a given pattern of code. This form of communication created an intangible nervous system of wires whereby people were becoming connected causing a dramatic shift in world perception and space.

“The electric telegraph transformed how wars were fought and won and how journalists and newspapers conducted business.”

It has illustrated effects on social communication, this is evident in the communicative utilities that many social media platforms provide. The media space is therefore impacted, connecting physical environments with invisible processes. This highlights the drastic evolution between the early telegraph and now the instantaneous interaction between diverse parties with handheld devices.




3 thoughts on “Did you get my Morssage?

  1. The meme at the start is classic! funny as all hell! loved it!
    Simple, concise and easy to understand. This blog was good cause it just went straight to the point. However, I think it could be cool if you went into a tad more detail about how it works. I found this clip that could make your blog post a little more engaging but apart from that it was good.


  2. The heading and picture work perfectly! Maybe you could’ve explained a little more about the transition from morse code and the evolution to what we have today. Either way, I actually never knew that there was proper punctuation in morse code, very interesting!


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