Active 24/7

The decentralization of network and nodes birthed the notion of ‘liquid labour’, this idea of information flow transcends the characteristics of production, unrestrained by borders and made forever available. The ways in which we as humans have adapted to this paradigm shift has morphed us into Peter Drucker’s idea of the ‘Knowledge Worker’ defined as “when people would generate value with their minds more than with their muscle”.

We are now described as a system that is in Gregg’s view, “Always On”, therefore affecting the environments that we could find ourselves employed in, for example blending the office with the home. Workers have to be constantly available within the network to increase their value within its setting. Gillett raises insights and concerns about the work ethic within the home. Productivity is questioned whether it is strong enough to withstand distractions and habits, the recognition of a divide must be clear in regards of “work life” and “home life”.

No matter where we are located there is an essence of liquefied application to space and time. We are continuously contributing to the flow of content; being reformatted into nodes where not a singular place is stimulated, our presence bleeds in terms of network and information elsewhere.



4 thoughts on “Active 24/7

  1. I agree with you when you say that productivity at home can be an issue when working, from past experience I agree. As mentioned above though, there have been studies which show that working from home can actually heighten productivity. I guess this is a personal thing that varies from person to person, but I know that I would rather be in a work environment to do work things than mix that with my own personal space. Awesome stuff!


  2. Great meme! I think I have seen some of your posts before, you seem to have a good nack for memes. Content was thorough and concise. I really agree with that notion of productivity and whether it is drastically affected by work/home life. If you were to go deeper into the rabbit hole of exploring the concept of liquid labour and knowledge workers, I would recommend this link,

    Other than that, swell post! 🙂


  3. I enjoyed reading this post I think the “work life” “home life” is arguable because everyone will have a different opinion, there are positives towards home life that revolves around work as well.


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