You Shall Not Pass

A crucial decision in today’s technological advancing world is whether one chooses to side with Apple or Android. This decision alters the ways in which a person operates, regarding their mobile devices and the desired content to which they wish to consume and produce. The functionality of each company differ through Apple’s ‘closed source‘ iOS system, whereby Google’s Android setup presents itself as an ‘open source‘ platform.

Apple’s ‘Locked Appliances’ are those that are restricted and firmly controlled by the manufacturer, they are tethered to a closed ecosystem whereby the device, content and users are limited. This is clearly displayed through it’s application store outlined by Jonathon Zittrain ” the App Store has a catch: app developers and their software must be approved by Apple. If Apple does not like the app, for any reason, it is gone.”

Through the the different business models, consumers are now faced with the implications inside the future of the mobile net. The spectrum presents freedom and comfort on each side, where a generative notion is condemned or encouraged.  “When you buy an iPhone, you’re not simply buying a piece of hardware, but actually a package deal that includes software, hardware, and a wireless contract.”


8 thoughts on “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

  1. I love your meme!! Your reflection on this week’s topic was very interesting and it’s crazy to think that when you are buying a phone, you are actually buying a lifestyle and are committing to a certain way of interaction. The fact that the Apple App store has the ability to accept or decline an app is bittersweet. On one hand users are able to use apps which have been manually approved by the company which means that the app does not contain malicious content and is quality checked. However, so many apps are declined meaning that users are denied access to the full spectrum of apps that could be useful to them. This site: explains that manually approving or declining apps means that its fate is based on subjectivity regardless of Apple’s strict criteria. This is a really interesting point that could have been added to your reflection.

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  2. I think your final quote summed up the essence of Apple so perfectly! Consumers are unwittingly purchasing a prison sentence; it’s fascinating how so many people still choose Apple over the open networked Androids. This site ( discusses the ‘puzzling’ way that Apple has maintained its success since 1981 despite losing market share to Android devices. It’s fascinating how the brand of phone one chooses determines their media practices! I wonder if people realise this? (#the medium is the message).
    Great post!!
    – Claire


  3. I agree with your take on the fact that when you buy a phone it correlates with a lifestyle choice. Although I was once an android user, I am now and probably will always be an iPhone user, purely because in my life it is easier to use an iPhone and it links with all the other products/software I use. I also think that people who choose Android over iPhones are more inclined to create apps or explore the realm of apps from unofficial app markets, whereas iPhone users are probably satisfied with what they have and are less interested in pushing boundaries. I found this article about personality and how it relates to smartphone choice really interesting:
    Also 10/10 meme, it’s great!


  4. Hey, cool post and nice remediation. I completely agree, certain aspects of the apple and iPhone customer dynamic are incredibly prohibitive and restrictive.
    Moreover, I think there is a serious problem wherein restriction is passed off as some sort of quality control. Take a look at this link to the app store review guidelines for a good, if not absolutely brutal example of this.

    I think, more than anything, this causes a majority of the population to shy away from attempting to produce apps or programs, which works to further centralise control of the app store and restrict the ‘producer’ part of the ‘prosumer’ dynamic that makes the internet so damn cool.


  5. Your post is an awesome remediation of this weeks content. I personally have always been drawn towards apple devices, since primary school where we learnt how to use macbooks rather than pc’s. I enjoy the simplicity of my iphone and the connectivity to my other devices ie. laptop and imac. I find that those who use androids tend to be more interested in creating their own device essentially. Which device do you prefer to use?

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  6. The meme you used got a good chuckle out of me. Regardless of either side’s advantages and disadvantages it comes down to preference. I personally go for Android because the restrictions Apple place on their devices just doesn’t do it for me. Although with that said, I understand why people love iOS devices too.

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  7. Your writing is very strong and concise which makes this blog post great to read! You got straight to the point and provided key information about iOS and Android. The hyperlinks within the post accompanied it well and provided more information for readers! I totally agree with what you’ve said, the type of phone you purchase definitely correlates with someone’s lifestyle. Although statistics show that Android has more market share than iOS devices I personally believe the iPhone is way better than and Android and could probably never swap phones. By using Apples closed operating systems I don’t have to worry about accidently downloading something that may harm or infect my phone. You ended the post on a really good note and the provided article complimented your post.

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