Gender & Network Revolutions

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The magnitude to which social movements are capable of, in lessening the stratification and deterring of gender is becoming more monumental through the passage of time. ‘Pussy Riot’ has aimed to penetrate boundaries toward gender within Soviet Russia and the world where they have communicated freedom of sex through radical methods and the adoption of the digital public sphere.

Today, connectivity equals power. Cyberspace was understood as a new underground, a retreat from the brutal reality of post-Soviet life and a permitted place for texts, comments and social experiments that were dubious from the point of view of official politics. Social media is understood as a platform that allows worldwide sects to share, update and communicate through a quick and efficient mode, where a one-to-many model is established.  With this, the long tail effect that Pussy Riot proceeded to create within the nation toward gender awareness and liberation development of sex began to unfold.

This Prezi presentation I have created delves further into ‘Pussy Riot’, the power of social networks, gender equality and issues that arouse digital dissent within the world we live in.



2 thoughts on “Gender & Network Revolutions

  1. I agree. The digital realm of social media has allowed important movements such as “Pussy Riot” to gain momentum and manifest into a social up-rising stand against the system in which we live in today. I like the idea of the 4th wave of feminism involving the utilisation of connectivity and social media. Here is an article that you might find interesting that touches on the impact of social media on social movements,


  2. The whole idea of rioting was hard to do before the internet came along. Nowadays you can practically start off with just a hashtag. Without the internet I don’t think pussy riot could’ve taken off as it did. While I think pussy riot could’ve been an idea that appealed to thousands of people, the exposure it got through social media definitely helped it lift off. Had a good time watching the prezi, good stuff.


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