BCM240 Reflection

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Over the course of nine weeks, I have progressed through the practice of weekly blogging, exploring the realm of Media, Audience & Place. The purpose of this task was to convey an understanding of the course material, express my concerns and perspectives toward each topic and to go about it in a way which not only engaged audiences but also addressed matters that also intrigued myself as the writer. Before entering university and being introduced to this notion of the blog space, I was unsure how it would aid me as a growing individual and more importantly, a liable employee.

I was quick off the mark and soon learned how this space could be widely useful, exerting nearly all forms of my work through this digital portal. Self-expression is a component where through blog posts shines, not only in the content I produce but also in the way I produce it, giving the audience a more personal and slightly informal interaction through my writing. ‘Collaborate Good Time, C’Mon!’ was the title of the work in which was submitted for the first assessment task, delving into the world of Collaborative Ethnography, my research, experiences and understanding of the concept.

 The feedback regarding Design and Blog Spot Impression read:

 “You’ve depicted your site beautifully. It’s pleasant to navigate and to explore the extra content that you have linked and integrated. Excellent”

Being already familiar with the notion of regular blogging, I knew the basics of keeping up to date with my site and its content. Every semester called for a website update regarding my personal information, subject categories and menu sorting. I take great pride in in the visual aspects of anything I generate and with this I spent quite a bit of my own time own time in establishing an aesthetically pleasing site. Not only would a visual skin be enhanced but also a space where clear navigation would be a top priority. I feel that if a goal is to attract readers and viewers, it is important to cater to all demographics in terms of simplicity, making the space an easy directing platform. My site has a diverse assortment of content ranging from my social media presence (Twitter, YouTube, etc) and content regarding the majority of my subjects and interest within digital media arts, where you can find further embedded links and projects I have conducted and shared. I like to believe I have adopted Marshall McLuhan’s approach of “The Medium Is the Message”, aiding in the creation of my blogosphere. The avenues of content I have created and provided would be meaningless without the convergence and abilities of this platform, WordPress, to which I have used as an extension of my mind, my senses and ultimately myself, within a digital environment.

 This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.” (Mark Federman, 1964)

This leads to the second section of feedback I received, regarding the ideas that were discussed in my blog:

 Your writing is thoughtful and I can see that you are engaging with the lectures and ideas put forward in this subject. You draw upon a range of references to add weight to what you are saying. The area that you could consider improving is to keep working on refining language and to think of how you might keep the posts content rich but not as dense to read.”

The criticism I received for this piece was very helpful, I was able to gauge where I needed to focus on and implement ways aid the issue. I believe because I was focused on the end result of the marks in the first assessment, it detracted from the content in which I usually would and find more enjoyable to produce. I was more concerned on complicating my writing style and the thoughts of the responder, when I should have been more attentive to my own considerations towards the topics. For example, since my first assessment (which I did find a little messy), I now aim to document and explore notions that interest me, that branch off the main hub of each week. I was able to utilise my own skills such as video making, which can be found through my ‘Attention & Multitasking Experiment’, coming up with an idea, capturing and developing it into something entertaining and explanatory. This enabled me to capture first hand the impact technology has on our attention span and how it has shaped us as contemporary audiences, as most of the student in my course have grown up in this digital age I wanted to produce something that many could relate to. The subject provided great reasons to experience a childhood past time within the cinema, where I documented my trip to the theatre while at the same time addressing Hagerstrand’s restrictions; broadening my perception of time and space both in the past and present. I was able to address my passion for photography and delve into the ethics of photojournalism and then create some of my own that I would abide by in another post. Rather than an advanced retelling of the topics, I feel as if my more recent posts have been a more of a creative and personal remediation that feels a lot more satisfying when posting publicly.

Throughout this experience much development in terms of engagements with information and responders can be recognized. In my strategies to develop a good resource for my viewers, I provided extra sources regarding each week’s topic in the form of hyperlinks (which were sometimes to other students’ blogs to whom I reflected upon) or bibliography references. In hopes to allow audiences to leave with more than they arrived with in term of knowledge and/or perspective. I have aimed to maximize the exposure of my site and also encourage others to interact with my produced content. Commenting has assisted me in assessing and engrossing myself in the views and work of others. This notion is seen to increase website traffic on one’s space and establish a relationship with other online personas (Agrawal, 2016), it gives me the ability to commend and provide helpful sources to my colleagues where I too stimulated them to do the same to my site. Operating social media has also helped immensely, the use of Twitter and the subject code in the form of a hashtag (#BCM240) has allowed for a wider collective of people to be reached, those who I may not have physically met during my time in the subject. Every week I could share my weekly remediation and receive validation on multiple platforms.


The blogging experience within BCM240 for me was one that developed me as a writer, creator and observer in many fields that I had yet to explore and some that I thoroughly enjoy. I emphasised my position as a part of media audience where a crossover of traditional media and new media is unfolding, transforming a passive audience into an active one where spaces, such as WordPress, allows everyone to be a node of production. I was able to provoke questions and thoughts about topics that would potentially affect the way I occupied intangible and physical spaces inside university and also the career path I may decide in the future




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