How To Catch A Predator (feat. ANON)

Anonymous is a loosely associated and decentralized international network of activist and hacktivist entities. Anonymous is a series of relationships, whereby hundreds of hundreds of people are active within; varying in skill-sets and issues they want to advance. While there are no specific goals, there is an overarching desire to combat censorship, promote freedom of speech, and counter government control and ultimately right the wrongs via the function of the internet that sparks the people within the collective into action.

However, Anonymous have been categorised by the public as unpatriotic, childish and cyber bullies:

The point of Anonymous’ actions is to call attention to themselves and their causes. They’re the graffiti artists of the Internet — annoying, perhaps, but a real threat? Not really.

I personally that Anonymous is an important political social movement giving power that can be constructive to the greater good of our communities both physical and digital. In 2011, Anonymous established the movement ‘Operation DarkNet’ – a campaign against child porn traded via anonymised sites. In one situation, the group publicized 190 IP addresses of child exploitation culprits exposing their identity and physical locations: “The information was supposedly harvested in 24 hours from a ‘darknet’ site invisible to normal web users, by tricking posters into downloading tracker software.”. The hacker group has claimed that it has shut down more than 40 Web sites for sharing pedophilia and released the names of more than 1,500 alleged users of a website called ‘Lolita City’, containing more than 100GB of child pornography.




9 thoughts on “How To Catch A Predator (feat. ANON)

  1. Wow, I had no idea that hacktivists actually worked to expose paedophiles. It’s amazing to see the positive impact that Anonymous has on the world and the act of changing the stigma around hacking. In regards to your point stating that there is no specific goal, this means that different legs of Anonymous can go off and fight their own battles. This brings up the question of ethics. Many people think that the world of hacktivists is unethical because they take down a whole company by releasing information that is sensitive and personal for people who not only run the company but individuals who may just be using the service. By distributing credit card details and personal information they are risking an individuals livelihood. But on the other hand, there are cases like this where multiple sites were shut down for a good cause. Take a look at this site to see both sides of the ethical standards regarding this issue:


  2. I agree with you to an extent, I think Anonymous has had quite a positive impact on exposing different international issues and playing a part in shutting them down. I think there’s definitely a question on where to draw the line though – when does vigilantism become too much and will is cause us to fall into anarchy? What do you think? Here’s a pros and cons list about hacktivism you might like


  3. Hi Sonny,

    I liked the way you began your post by briefly summarizing Anonymous’ organization as well as action. I also really enjoyed your example of the ‘child porn’ case that Anonymous put their hands in. This case was significant and it proves the fact that there are too many harmful things that are hidden from us, and that’s why we need white-hat hacktivists to reveal them.
    My only recommendation is that maybe you should include one more case that Anonymous successfully engaged in because the case you provided really made readers (like me) curious and want to know more.
    This source provided 8 cases that Anonymous has done that created huge attention.

    Hope to read more from you.


  4. I think it’s awesome how this subculture of hackers have started to perform ‘good’ things rather than the negative connotations that surround the word “hacker”. However, there is always the debate about whether its a good thing that hackers do what they do – e.g. Edward Snowden – is he a good guy or bad guy for exposing the private information? I believe Anonymous are great for exposing international issues and helping to shut them down.. Is it possible to take it too far though?


  5. This was a really cool example of hacktivist culture. Despite the good they have done for the world, such as exposing the criminals you mentioned, they have been branded as ‘annoying’. Why do you think society has this view? More importantly, is this a view that, collectively, we have formed ourselves or is it a result of Government values?
    This link( will take you to a document stating the so-called importance of censorship in operating the internet. You will find it focuses on Government standards and military issues and I feel that this mindset is what has destroyed the image of hacktivists in the minds of society.


  6. This was a well written blog post. I had no idea what hackers actually do before coming to this subject and learning through you even more about how they do things for good rather than the bad has really opened my eyes about it all. I think that this example was perfect and you explained it really well although this is the only example ive seen all week so maybe some more research into others would really help for your blog post to stand out in the crowd next time. Well done


  7. Hackers will always be around sadly. While their actions have good intentions, the method they go about it isn’t necessarily the best. With that said though, it’s scary how nothing is really safe on the internet


  8. That’s a pretty sweet story. Anonymous, as an organisation, certainly does some good, and I think that this is the approach that we should have to hacking in general – making decisions about whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on the outcomes of hacking not simply the method.
    At the end of the day, hacking is a tool, a process, and is neither good or bad alone. Instead, we should judge those that use it on the manner in which they use it to – just as you have. Sweet post!


  9. Hey Sonny,
    Your blog post was informative and academically written. Well done. I like that you have used Anonymous example of shutting down child porn as it is an example of how cyber war fare is turning upon cyber ware fare to better the world. Who would have thought that hackers were wanting to improve the world rather than the stigma surrounding their selfish behaviours. This article is pretty interesting in discussing how Anonymous have teamed up with another hacktivist group taking down banks in a protest against corruption. Do you think this movement is for the better of the community?


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