Internet That Flies!


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Within the incredibly complex networked ecosystem of ‘The Internet Of Things’, things that possess IoT connectivity, both human and material objects, are relentlessly transmitting data to the Internet. The context within this notion deal with the triad of identity, location and state, resulting in a continuous collection of ‘who I am, where I am and what is happening within my environment’. (Mitew, 2014). The significance shifts from materiality to the data stream of information and relationships.  This information is transmitted to the Internet in real time where it is stored in enormous online data aggregates that can be accessed remotely via one’s smartphone or computer.

Technological advances have allowed larger application to the world, especially regarding the sector of unmanned aircraft systems, A.K.A, drones. IoT applications are typically composed of:

  • A sensor “at rest,” e.g., on a highway or a bridge or a thermostat that gathers input (like weather conditions or seismic activity)
  • A connection (via the Internet) between the sensor and a back-end data collection infrastructure
  • A back-end data collection infrastructure that’s commonly based in the cloud

Drone technology is evolving very rapidly, to which they are already beginning to efficiently replace the connected sensors at rest with one device that upholds characteristics and abilities that make them deployable to different locations, capable to carrying flexible payloads, re-programmable in mission and diverse in measurement functions.


4 thoughts on “Internet That Flies!

  1. I like the way in which you’ve taken this topic and related it to drones. Drones are really interesting and also controversial in their abilities. They have the ability to create awesome content hwoever the controversial aspect is now in Australia, you need to have a licence to fly one! All in all, they are super flexible in what they can do, and we can even use our phones and smart devices to control them which is crazy. After learning about hacking for two weeks now though, do you think that its possible to gain confidential information through the use of a drone?


  2. Really interesting how you mixed the topic of “Internet of Things” with drones. Years ago before the 2000’s drones always seemed like the kind of technology that was only achievable into the distant future. Yet here we are messing around with drones. Although it’s not as I imagined it, what with the requirement of having a license and all the rules in place to use one legally.


  3. Drone technology is an interesting phenomenon, particularly with respect to the film industry. While what they can do is nothing short of amazing, it is slightly worrying that machinery is taking the task away from the person. Interesting read!


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