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Hello my name is Sonny Nguyen and I am currently finishing my final year studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies; majoring in Digital Communication and Media. The facets and direction in which I find most interesting are the creation of images, both moving and still in order to create/express a narrative.

I find it interesting the way environments affect the work you record and create. The relationship between capturing images (still/moving) and the development of new technologies is becoming more prevalent through the passage of time. Throughout my time within the practice I have been able to immerse myself in the analogue aspects of the art and now more frequently into the technological aspects. This includes analogue Lomography and physical film augmentation to now content which has been shifted digitally, on screen and internally within devices such as software and interfaces.

Write down some key words that describe this field:

  • Material Experimentation
  • Electronic Research/Use
  • LED
  • Technology Advancements
  • Photography/Videography
  • Visual/Emotive
  • Dystopian/Utopian

Circle the activities, tasks, or keywords that interest you or you identify as avenues you would like to pursue:

  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Analogue Animation
  • Light Painting
  • Digital Content Creator (Image,Video,Sound)

Look through the projects that you created in the past (academic or outside of university), find one that interests you the most. 

This piece of work was aimed to express the notion of Rhythm through our physical handling of 8mm film, using specific techniques to alter the material. Parts within my clip were inspired by Len Lye’s ‘Free Radicals‘ where like Lye I used free motion presented on clear film modified with scratched black paint as the foundation for this piece. The visual tempo, beat and development have all been affected in order to produce a rhythmic ambience. The repeated components, I hope, have allowed the responder to feel the movement through a visual state. This type of work reinforced my aims to create a a sense of connection with all of my works, whether it be visually, conceptually or physically.

Another work included my major piece within MEDA102; Computational Media. The piece was inspired by Alvin Lucier’s 1969 composition ‘I Am Sitting In A Room’ where it depicted the evolution of sound through a very simple repeated and controlled process. Beginning as speech, quickly degrades to unintelligible reverberation, before ending as simple tones as the feedback loop amplifies the resonances of the room.

I then took this idea and applied it in a more visual sense, with long explosure photography and light painting. I recorded images of light spheres which are created in a repetitive physical movement. Though the physical routine was the same, the images of the spheres turned out different. In fact all 160 photographs using the same method which were taken differentiated from one another, reflecting the aim of the task of repetition and iteration.

(^Task Blog Post Link Here ^)

Identify the aspects that you enjoyed most or would like to pursue:

  • Material Experimentation
  • Physical Field Work and Documenting
  • Light Painting
  • Photography
  • Videography/Editing

Write down five of the most important skills and knowledge that you consider vital to your learning in your field of practice:

  • Adobe Software
  • Importance of Material/Physical Experimentation
  • Specific forms of Photography/Videography
  • Relationship between old and contemporary within the practice
  • Researching the field in-depth




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