Opportunities // Mentors


The practice of photography/cinematography is so broad and ever-changing and that is why I am strongly interested in pursuing a career in the art of still/moving image creation. Producers play an integral role in the television, film, music and video industries. In this role one will oversee each project from conception to completion and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution process. Rather than being tethered to specific platforms and mediums, I gravitate to creating content and works that derive from multiple channels, whether it be digital or analogue. It’s easy enough stating the desired position I would like such as director of photography, but there are many step and avenues that I believe should be taken (big and small) to reach the pinnacle of my aims and enhance my preparation within this field. 

Currently I am producing, editing music and capturing images in many different forms on a frequent basis (photography and recording footage). Though it is worth building a comprehensive portfolio which I have been in the process of doing for the past 3 years, as of late I have been taking to these mediums purely for the love of what I can produce, document and create. At the moment a freelance approach and practice is what I am aiming for but I feel an internship can assist in building experience first and foremost. From my research into these kinds of video production internships, they offer a firsthand look at how a media production company functions on a day-to-day basis. Primarily working within the video department, it gives an opportunity to learn about FILM/TV, production stages (editing, coordination, idea pitching, research, etc), facilitating media, public relations, marketing and events.

I think that all of the roles above, no matter how impactful they are to the final results or works, they all contribute in some form. This could include assistants (editorial/production), runners and even extras on set. One facet can assist in your understanding and skills in after effects, another build upon the importance of composition and lighting or even experience the dynamics of creative thinking and actions intimately. With my interest in content development these are just stepping stones in practice and field.

Through this I have realised many mentors in my life that have somewhat influenced my mindset in terms of content creation, composition and fieldwork. I felt stuck when thinking about this because I was directing it toward my specific field, I did not know anyone who has mentored me through my attracted practice. Ros Maher was my mentor throughout high school, where her extensive knowledge of music theory and studio enhanced my knowledge. Ros introduced me to sound and instigated my potential within music, I was working within a stage (achieving correct levels for bands and artists) and studio setting (recording and mixing) or composing the music myself. Drew Tweedie is a local chef from my hometown and ran a successful cafe which catered to Australian independent bands and artists, where live shows occurred weekly. He gave me the opportunities to share my own music content and helped me collaborate with other musicians and artists through his practice. Drew also allowed me to assist in a yearly music festival event called ‘Riverfest‘. I worked on the promo of these events creating and sharing content which helped draw interest within the community.


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