Week 9: Too Much?

One thing we took from last week was the effectiveness of the typewriter within the final outcome of our iteration. The presence of it intrigued audiences to physically touch the LCD screen even though it had no interaction based content. So with this, we thought at the beginning of this workshop, “what if we upscaled the image?”, quartering the image and showing 1/4 of the typewriter onto four different televisions. We did this. And to our disappointment, the enlargement of the element led to a less clear image, detracting away from the simplistic and haunting tone that the piece first conveyed.


We began to think and started to brainstorm of ways to materialise and add more depth to the work. Sam suggested a faint red light to be drifted above the work depicting the notion of communism and the group agreed that the projection of the text in the previous work onto physical paper would be a more enticing and physical story for the audience. Alluding to the first week’s idea of a real life virtual reality room, I suggested the use of white screens to be placed on either side of the paper to then create a more immersive channel for the responder. People were to be seated in this narrow environment and be exposed to the words of a dictator, which I believe was the experiences of some of those who actually went through the communist regime in Vietnam.

We were told that the essence that was present last week is lost in this remediation, which I can agree with. The outcome was roughly thrown together last minute, though given some time I think could have been more effective. Though responders did feel a sense of eeriness when seated watching the text unfold under the red light. But in the end it was set upon that there was too much, materially,  in the space given. To successfully pull of such a tight installation, every component much accompany and converse with each other and this week we did not quite hit the mark. I think next week we can explore similar functions, but open the floor plan up a lot more so that wider interaction can be provided and stimulated.


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