Week 10: How About This Angle?

More material aspects from last week cost us effective representation to the audience in our work. Maybe we were to try and include more, conceptually. More stories, more emphasis on memories and content. We would project and create more than one depiction of a story in many facets to engage the audience.

With this,  Chelsea firstly suggested a familiar story for her, The Tin Pot General and the Old Iron Woman; the book presents the story of the war, to which satires the Falklands War in the format of a picture book for young children. It is written in a simple style with large, brightly coloured illustrations. We then sourced the media from this story and used it as one of the projections on the wall. Mat outlined interesting points about different forms of storytelling, representing unconventional stories in our chosen context and perhaps inverting them creatively taking note of it’s effects. This led to instead of projections onto physical paper, an actual physically written text to work hand in hand with the material. Cold Chisel’s song ‘Khe Sahn‘ was the focus text selected and written by Sam onto the paper, clearly emphasising the return and reminiscent memories of that of a conflict war zone. Thirdly we reused the Ho Chi Minh literature from previous weeks and projected onto the wall opposite the paper, which was the last element of this week’s iteration.

There was again, too much. Too many stories that had no links what-so-ever which was a concern from the beginning. It began to show that we as a group were throwing components up, trying to make meaning of every single piece without firstly grasping what was read well from the beginning. We were advised to travel back to the roots of this project, exploring texts that would mean something to each of us, and share them within the group. I feel we’re taking one step forward and currently one and a half back, but due to our good spirits, I feel it should take shape so long as we all can come back next week with a new approach and more substance to what we want to showcase. I like the idea of an abandoned presence in an environment once occupied by conflict and I think we can delve into that deeper in the next workshop.



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