Week 11: Jamming

Each and every week leading up to this point we were reinventing new iterations with the same level of direction, which was weak. The idea of ‘Jamming’ was to be critical toward one another, take ideas from each member and deconstruct it, outlining was was good and what was not.

Chloe suggested the idea of an enclosed sheet room, it was hard to imagine the outcome without first seeing it, so as a group we began to assemble the idea. We took an effective element which was the sheets and expanded on it, tenfold. Tulle as a material fosters characteristics that work well with projection, and being introduced to it by Jo we intended within this workshop to apply it in our installation. So using this we decided to layer the Tulle within the sheet room to then also layer the projection in a way that creates multiple images; we would use the sam Ho Chi Minh literature as the focal point.

Chelsea organised the sound of a helicopter to emphasise the degree of conflict and also a strobe that would flicker within the space accordingly, adding more stimulus. Issues then arose because the space was so multi-stimulating, the audiences would feel disorientated and sick inside due to the strobe, sound and projection happening all at once. We dimmed this by getting rid of the extra lights which settled down the unsettling tone. As the typewriter was one of the mostly successful elements in our previous iterations we decided it could add more substance, and therefore we placed in beneath the tulle projections.


This work was not well received by the tutors and personally myself. We spent so much time putting together an immersive sheet room without first collaboratively thinking of what effective components and content would occupy it, providing deeper links to the stories we have been trying to convey in previous weeks. Because it was mainly improvised, the wrinkled sheet room was not up to par with what we imagined; being strung together by dodgy clips and small pins. We had no true direction where this project was taking us, though we all had visions of how things could and would look physically but not conceptually. It was suggested that the group of six were to split up in the next workshop to create and remediate different facets, then combine back in the end to look at each success and failure in a way to move forward.


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