Week 12: New Iteration

As the semester comes to a close, so have many group’s project direction, defining what they’re doing and the concepts to which are explored. Our group was still in the dark at this stage, having no clear way of creating this installation. Conceptually and physically we had a very weak signal. This week we intended to focused on the story, narratives and tone that was to be the foundation of our project. Sam spoke in a way we could do so, adding depth to this project so we were able to all be linked and motivated by it’s insights. He suggested that we work with multiple projections, one being that of prospect and then that of reality in society in the media/press towards the issue of asylum seekers and refugees. Evidently showcasing a binary between the two, looking at overall Utopian and Dystopian worlds.

The idea was to set up the projectors in a way that would showcase both sides of the issue, but in a way that would interrupt the sight the Utopian with the viewer’s shadow when stood in a spot where the dystopian was the focal point.  This emphasises that in order to reach the brighter side to an issue, one must encounter, experience and push through negative facets of the matter. The positive screen would show the assimilation of refugees in society and the negative a remix of media broadcast that outline refugees in a dark light. At the same time a composed audio track that accompanies the content accordingly. So after the planning process the workload was dispersed evenly into three.

Still with this uplifting and positive start, soon we became lost again. Not sure whether to look for in order to be effectively conveyed to outside audiences. And soon the well received idea from the beginning of the workshop diminished along with our motives. With time running out we began to urgently jam within the gallery space, using sheets as drapes over furniture and utilising digital photo-frames to showcase David and my own edited depictions of the negative light towards boat people and animations of loneliness and decay. The typewriter was included as a means of depicting a lost presence within the piece. We in the end created a space of abandonment which was a result of conflict. showing nothing but the tedious struggles of people that have been exposed to such downfalls. This quick iteration was register well by the tutors, where we were encouraged to expand on this idea of a left behind space in time, where many more ideas and tones could be teased out with more personal applications by the group.


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