The ‘Smart’ Home Rube Goldberg Machine


This is the final piece to my Digital Artefact, The finalised Rube Goldberg Machine expressing home automation through micro-controllers (ARDUINO).

I believe this work through my Digital Artefact deals with the elements of Cybernetics – through the way materials and technologies behave and communicate with each-other and the impact it has on Machines and the human experience of these systems. This constructed machine does indeed challenge and arouse the relationship human beings have with cyberspace, transforming a series of simple machines (The Rube Goldberg Machine) into that of artificial intelligence, automating the home in a RGM fashion to perform a simple task.

This work was heavily inspired by ‘Swarmanoid, The Movie’:


Through the ways that these technologies are brought to life and are able to gauge the environment around to the do their part in order to complete the mission. Effective communication between nodes have allowed for effective action.

The series of inputs/outputs for the Arduinos used within my Rube Goldberg Machine:

1: Input = Inferred Line Sensor // Output: Stepper Motor With Wheel

2: Input = Distance Sensor // Output Stepper Motor With Wheel 

3: Input = Distance Sensor // Output: Servo Motor


Below is a visual rundown of the machine before commencement. Just to gauge what each component of the machine is set up in order to understand the changes in direction when the machine is running:


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