Week 13: Last Workshop & Final Iteration

We were pleased with how last week’s work was received and interacted by audiences, so this week we felt appropriate that we grab this iteration by the horns and build upon it’s potential. We decided to break up into sanctions to cover more work so David and I worked on editing video content for the digital photo-frames that were to be dispersed through the installation, representing past occupation of the environment and a ghostly tone with a choreographed static screens and media press broadcasts of refugee camps.

Meanwhile, Chloe suggested we increase the materiality of the piece with the use of paper, intertwined in a way that would flair from the floor and then drifted across the space and tied to the roof. This would add the element of the narrative of the piece springing to life of a, well, lifeless space. Chloe, Sam and Chelsea used this time to construct the paper structure and also create the room itself; consisting of furniture, draped white sheets and a plain white door in the corner. The paper unit was an visually effective addition in which placed lights would cast a eery shadow upon the walls on the space. We canned the idea of the typewriter which was an element that we all agreed on was one that we as a group held onto because it was effective in past iterations, and as we progressed the component lost it’s place and ultimately detracted from the context.

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We finished the semester workshops in the strongest position we have been since the beginning which is a good sign, though, we have copious amounts of work to get through in order it to be presentable, conceptually and materially. Chloe brought up an interesting element of a window projection on the wall to bring the final to life, she noted that she had a window in her home which would fill the tone of the installation and set forth to photograph it so it can be projected onto the wall. Though our motivations were increasing for the final work we still needed stronger conceptual meaning for the piece. This is where I intend to research the first hand encounters of refugees, immigrants and boat people just like my family in order add more depth to this piece. I think we could display my research through some form of projection or display onto the physical paper sculpture. Placement wise, the space was too congested with all of our items within the exhibit, so we aim to bring further out the actual structure from the walls, so that audiences could experience it in a more immersive manner.


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