Week 14 (Recess): Building Upon Further

This week, workshops were not running but as a group we all came into the gallery to build further upon our project. This lesson we worked on jamming, to then tease some more interesting aspects to the work.

We mainly dealt with the physical aspects of the work this lesson and played around with multiple furniture placement within the space; using single, double sofas and different tables. In attempts to bring out the installation did not flow and there was just too much happening, looking more like a poorly lit living-room. Chloe’s window photograph was projected onto the wall which was effective and the group tried hanging actual furniture from the ceiling which was not. I feel the physical orientation at this stage though was not the priority. In the beginning tutors were coming around assessing every group’s concepts and works, and I personally think our group is still in a hole where we could not verbally communicate what our work is about confidently. David and I at the time were working on creating the content for the piece. This motivated me to resolve this issue where I intend to gain more insight into my family’s experiences as boat people, immigrating to Australia in 1980 after the Vietnam War. Where I think we could explore through our proposed environment the best we could:

What made these people leave?

Fathom how extreme the world would have been, to which they were forced to flee.

The intent behind their doings. 

Society now, after the journey. 

These were a few of the concept in which I plan to delve deeper into once already conversed with my family to as what would have been going through their minds as events transpired. This not only would bring substance to the work but also not lead audiences in a not completely abstract space that relies solely on their perspectives; we need a driving force to guide their exploration of our work. We needed effective content and we needed it urgently, so I took it upon myself to develop and create it. Chloe suggested that a projection of some sort could be placed at the start of the paper trail which the group thought was a great idea, the idea of a text being digitally projected before blooming out as paper intrigued me. So for the remainder of the gathering we were motivated to figure out the projection element. Due to updates needed to be done on the projector software, it was advised to come back the following week so that we could effectively work through each module instead of waiting around.


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