Week 5 // bringing things together

This week commenced our investigation into our final media arts project, but firstly looking through the works of other practitioners that we felt were strong. Taking the theme of ‘Futures‘ we began to tease out and pick apart a particular work that resonated with ourselves and conversed as a collective to better our understanding of methods, notions and ideas that were used in their and our soon-to-be creations.

For this examination I gravitated towards a content creator that I saw a piece of myself within. I chose to explore a work by Thai independent media artist, film director, screenwriter, and film producer; Apichatpong Weerasethakul. 

Fireworks (2014) is a single channel video installation that showcases a 6 minute and 40 second film (looped) where then it is projected onto a large screen centred within the gallery space depicting Thai/Lao mystic, cult-leader, and sculptor Bunleua Sulilat’s  temple-cum-sculpture garden located in northern Thailand. The temple and garden are lit up upon the blackness of it’s setting by sporadic sprays of fireworks and sparklers.  These flashes reveal an array of sculptures ranging from animals, beasts and human figures.

Fireworks (Archives), functions as a hallucinatory memory machine; the work deals personal, political, and social issues. To Apichapong the work evokes the charged political climate of the artist’s home region in northern Thailand, the work conveys the region’s arid land and political force from Bangkok which drove people to dream beyond the everyday’s reality.


My conversation with Mat allowed me to think deeper into the issues that affected me and are still affecting those all around the work; those who seek for asylum.

Often times we illuminate the past to expose the dark truths, the turmoil and tragedy of events. What could happen if we invert this notion, and ask the questions of how this inflicts change into the future. There’s a point of recognition that must be taken to then see a way forward. A way for to then see where we go as humans, or see what has already happened.



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