This was the first week of idea iterations. I began by piecing together different elements of previous works that were strong. This included; the notion of asylum, the use of old and tattered materials and the use of sombre sounds.

I decided to continue my work on the refugee experience but take it through a government and societal filter – re-utilising a 44 gallon drum from a previous work and a sound that I have composed to accompany my dark piece. This first iteration was to test if all of these factors work hand in hand, without any real content matter. To tell a story, sometimes the tone set by materials must be laid as a solid foundation in order to build upon. My first iteration was to:

  1. Embed a speaker within the drum and seal it off with a plastic skin (like a drum)
  2. Project onto the surface of the drum (content yet to be discovered)
  3. Lay matter on top of drum to interact with projection and sound
  4. Play sound that resonates through the drum therefore disrupting content and projection on the surface of the installation.

The concept that pushed this first iteration was the 1951 UN Convention for refugees. This convention was created to make the issues with asylum seekers a global interest, encouraging countries all over the globe to get involved in doing what’s right to cater for the displaced people within the world. My research into this led to Australia’s involvement in the issue back then and more importantly now, more than 60 years on. With the total of displaced people within the world hitting a record high, with almost 66 million people being affected by war, violence or persecution – 1 person every 3 seconds which is the biggest mass movement of people since WW2. Australia’s national obligations seem to be not meeting what is actually happening from an outsider’s perspective with the polarisation between levels within the government.

I aim for my work to play with the concepts of the debate between responsibility sharing and burden sharing of people affected by these issues. 

The iteration this week depicted the drum with the sound composed in a way that is activated every 3 second in conjunction with the statistic of the growing number of refugees in the world. The projection is of a book with turning pages that reflect the treaty between countries and the paper on the surface of the drum act as an element that interact with the sound and projection (not having a complete purpose, but up for interpretation – fleeing people).





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