Week 10 // Process & Project – not quite there…

This week I decided to experiment with the actual projection itself, building upon the book video in my first iteration. I wanted to add a personal dimension to the work – so I decided to film my own book projection. In this, it would depict myself writing in a book which in hopes for a different level of stimulation for the audience.

I stuck with writing the passage evident in the basic human rights of the UN:

Article 14.

(1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

Again, this was only a test and I am planning on asking people to help me write this text, depicting a variation in differing handwriting. This was the first result:

This initial iteration did not have the intended aesthetic that I was aiming for, the projection was decent but the loose squares of paper on top were not having the effect that I was envisioning – it made the text hard to read and made the installation messy in its presentation where I want a clean, simple and easy to digest image. I need to think of something else to occupy the surface to make it less interfering with the projection..

Because the passage is so generic, I need to think of different ways to diversify its presentation – telling a story instead of regurgitating a sentence. I think in the next week I need to think of ways to manipulate the text so that a story can be generated – showcasing both political sides of refugee interest. How do different sides of society interpret the influx of people from different nations? what are the values of these individuals and how are they perceived?

I want this piece to alter/enlighten the way of thinking for the audience but I am not too sure how to go about it at this current time in my process.



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