Week 11 & 12 // What Are My Motives?

Weeks 11 and 12 acted as a contextual revamping of my work. I was stuck with what I wanted to express and how it was going to be showcased. I am unhappy with the layout and specific individual elements of my installation and need to quickly think of what my real motives are behind my work, rather than what my tutors want to see. I spent time researching and delving into different ways of depiction into different facets behind the politics of those seeking asylum in different countries.

Some elements I intend to showcase through my work include:

  • The fickle nature of refugee interest
  • What is happening right now within the issue
  • The play between people as responsibility and/or burdens
  • Encourage another way of thinking about asylum seekers
  • Depict how higher powers/society interpret the influx of refugees
  • Illuminate different perspectives to then move forward

The momentum of making refugees an international interest can be seen as slowing down in many ways. Australia for example have provided avenues for people to travel but have not provided support in terms of assimilating these groups of people into society. Therefore because of these actions, perhaps accountability should be placed on the neighbouring countries that these people are fleeing – e.g. Lebanon for the people of Syria.

At the same time there are and have been movements of people for and against the acceptance of refugees, clearly seen by the 2013 Abbott Government’s ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ and and all of those who had opposed it. There have clearly been pushes on both ends of the spectrum that deal with ultimately, the lives of millions of people. My work aims to acknowledge these happenings, past and present and shed light/recognition for the possible path ahead.

In doing so, I have been looking closely at the UN basic human right (Article 14) which states:

“Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. “

This text has really stuck with me and I am firm in wanting to use it within my work, but I need to drive it more than just those words. In saying this I have used the text and have reworded in several ways to play off the interesting perspectives of human responsibility/burden:

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 7.47.00 pm.png

I am thinking about the unfolding of Article 14 text and then different augmented version of it (as listed above) in order to have a conversation and spark interest with the responders. I want my piece to be able to capture the attention and then stimulate audience knowledge about this worldly issue. I was unsure whether matter on the top of the drum was necessary, where I previously used the square pieces of white paper to bounce off the top. I believe at the current stage of my project the paper was detracting from the writing on the drum (legibility) or becoming a distraction from the tone of the piece.

In saying all of this, I have defined my motives – the elements that are driving my piece. I am still scrambling and collecting ideas that will help me carry out my motivations. These past 2 weeks have left me with a lot to think about in regards to materialising and bringing my thoughts and the many differentiating thoughts towards refugee momentum to the fore.







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