The Rube Goldberg Machine; Tea Time!

This work achieves the vision I had in the beginning of my idea with the Rube Goldberg Machine before I delved into different facets of the notion. I applied the Rube Goldberg Machine in performing a household task and documented it in a skit-like format to appeal to a larger audience in terms of entertainment. Sit back and pour yourself a cuppa.


Rube Goldberg Machine 360º Video

From what I have experienced online, the logistics of documenting The Rube Goldberg Machine have proceeded in the same fashion (A point of view camera angle following the series of chain reactions or multiple cameras filming different sections of the RGM then merging those clips together).

360º technology has allowed me to shift the way we as an audience interact with my work and potentially the entirety of the Rube Goldberg Machine as this is the only real-life 360º RGM video I have come across online. The only other is an animation which can be found here.  It allows a complete user-controlled experience and perspective where consumers are now the directors in consuming content.

Internet That Flies!


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Within the incredibly complex networked ecosystem of ‘The Internet Of Things’, things that possess IoT connectivity, both human and material objects, are relentlessly transmitting data to the Internet. The context within this notion deal with the triad of identity, location and state, resulting in a continuous collection of ‘who I am, where I am and what is happening within my environment’. (Mitew, 2014). The significance shifts from materiality to the data stream of information and relationships.  This information is transmitted to the Internet in real time where it is stored in enormous online data aggregates that can be accessed remotely via one’s smartphone or computer.

Technological advances have allowed larger application to the world, especially regarding the sector of unmanned aircraft systems, A.K.A, drones. IoT applications are typically composed of:

  • A sensor “at rest,” e.g., on a highway or a bridge or a thermostat that gathers input (like weather conditions or seismic activity)
  • A connection (via the Internet) between the sensor and a back-end data collection infrastructure
  • A back-end data collection infrastructure that’s commonly based in the cloud

Drone technology is evolving very rapidly, to which they are already beginning to efficiently replace the connected sensors at rest with one device that upholds characteristics and abilities that make them deployable to different locations, capable to carrying flexible payloads, re-programmable in mission and diverse in measurement functions.



The distributed network ecology of cyberspace is playing an increasingly vital role in the terms of digital dissent, this week I delve into how the environment allows and facilitates that of political discourse. Because each individual node possesses the power to broadcast to the entire network, it could be assumed this would “diversify the marketplace of ideas” and afford the public an “improved forum for political deliberation” (Wojcieszak & Mutz, 2009, p.40). This is an ideal tactic in increasing the involvement of consumer awareness within democratic governance, though some instances have highlighted the way government agencies take advantage of the Internet’s distributed topography and use it to sway the views during important periods.

‘Sock Puppeting’ functions through the filter of deception. It is the act of curating fraud online personas, creating the illusion of collective support or rejection towards specific causes, people, situations.

Operation Earnest Voice was a government campaign, devised by the US military where a large quantity of sock puppets aided the movement in spreading pro-US political propaganda through conversation on various social media platforms. It was supposedly established in Iraq as a psychological warfare weapon against the online presence of al-Qaida supporters and others ranged against coalition forces.

The ‘electronic frontier’ is presented in this context is quite daunting, and the way governments have the power to manipulate the public behind many masks through a distributed network arouses a sense of political and digital ambiguity. Deceiving populations on this scale raises the concern and realistic threat about the capabilities of the government, and those similar, suppressing values and directing them to corrupt ends.



How To Catch A Predator (feat. ANON)

Anonymous is a loosely associated and decentralized international network of activist and hacktivist entities. Anonymous is a series of relationships, whereby hundreds of hundreds of people are active within; varying in skill-sets and issues they want to advance. While there are no specific goals, there is an overarching desire to combat censorship, promote freedom of speech, and counter government control and ultimately right the wrongs via the function of the internet that sparks the people within the collective into action.

However, Anonymous have been categorised by the public as unpatriotic, childish and cyber bullies:

The point of Anonymous’ actions is to call attention to themselves and their causes. They’re the graffiti artists of the Internet — annoying, perhaps, but a real threat? Not really.

I personally that Anonymous is an important political social movement giving power that can be constructive to the greater good of our communities both physical and digital. In 2011, Anonymous established the movement ‘Operation DarkNet’ – a campaign against child porn traded via anonymised sites. In one situation, the group publicized 190 IP addresses of child exploitation culprits exposing their identity and physical locations: “The information was supposedly harvested in 24 hours from a ‘darknet’ site invisible to normal web users, by tricking posters into downloading tracker software.”. The hacker group has claimed that it has shut down more than 40 Web sites for sharing pedophilia and released the names of more than 1,500 alleged users of a website called ‘Lolita City’, containing more than 100GB of child pornography.



Gender & Network Revolutions

Image result for pussy riot

The magnitude to which social movements are capable of, in lessening the stratification and deterring of gender is becoming more monumental through the passage of time. ‘Pussy Riot’ has aimed to penetrate boundaries toward gender within Soviet Russia and the world where they have communicated freedom of sex through radical methods and the adoption of the digital public sphere.

Today, connectivity equals power. Cyberspace was understood as a new underground, a retreat from the brutal reality of post-Soviet life and a permitted place for texts, comments and social experiments that were dubious from the point of view of official politics. Social media is understood as a platform that allows worldwide sects to share, update and communicate through a quick and efficient mode, where a one-to-many model is established.  With this, the long tail effect that Pussy Riot proceeded to create within the nation toward gender awareness and liberation development of sex began to unfold.

This Prezi presentation I have created delves further into ‘Pussy Riot’, the power of social networks, gender equality and issues that arouse digital dissent within the world we live in.