Simple Machines // Intelligent Machines Pt. 2


It’s no secret that technology is dramatically transforming the ways in which machines operate. We’re witnessing a new revolution, led by a dynamic set of trends and pushed forward by digital disruptors. The ground is shifting beneath humans – mechanical apparatuses.  Continue reading “Simple Machines // Intelligent Machines Pt. 2”

Project Proposal


The previous six weeks have been stepping stones in laying down a well informed foundation for the practice and field I associate with and desire. The vision of creating images both moving and still has lead me to discover and analyse the ways in which opportunities arise and the skill sets required for such times, influential individuals already established in the field (historical and contemporary) and tease ideas that stem from these notions through my own interpretations and further interests.  Continue reading “Project Proposal”



Upon experiencing the Powerhouse Museum exhibition ‘Out Of Hand; Materialising The Digital‘, it depicted and aroused technologies in which suggest new industries/business models, innovation in design and a renewed local manufacturing base.

 ‘CYBERNETICS’ typically denotes the interdisciplinary study and strategic deployment of communicative control processes in “complex systems” constituted by humans, other animals, machines, and the rest of living-nature. “ – (Pfohl, 1997)

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Opportunities // Mentors


The practice of photography/cinematography is so broad and ever-changing and that is why I am strongly interested in pursuing a career in the art of still/moving image creation. Producers play an integral role in the television, film, music and video industries. In this role one will oversee each project from conception to completion and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution process. Rather than being tethered to specific platforms and mediums, I gravitate to creating content and works that derive from multiple channels, whether it be digital or analogue. It’s easy enough stating the desired position I would like such as director of photography, but there are many step and avenues that I believe should be taken (big and small) to reach the pinnacle of my aims and enhance my preparation within this field.  Continue reading “Opportunities // Mentors”